kiln cast glass

Textured clear fused glass with air bubbles & coloured accent rocks

Powerful kiln cast glass texture. Clear textured glass fused to a clear base with air bubbles  and coloured accent glass rocks of pale lilac, pink & light yellow

Applications: accent walls, glass tiles, partitions, art glass sculptures

Textured white and clear glass on a white and clear base

Kiln cast contemporary glass texture with dynamic movement in glass. Clear and white opal textured glass on a white opal base with pale yellow accent glass rocks

Applications: accent walls, glass tiles, partitions, art glass sculptures

Water jet cutting of Thick clear cast glass

Thick (2″ / 50 mm) clear cast art glass forms cut with CNC water jet machine. Water jet machine allows cutting complex shapes with fine surface finish for cold polishing of art glass edges

Sculpture credit: Pierre Bouchard

Applications: countertops, partitions, art glass sculptures

kiln cast Bas relief float glass

Kiln cast bas relief float glass forming technique adds texture and dimension into the glass, making it perfect carrier for colour and light, capturing them on the surface 

Application: Art wall decoration, partitions, art glass sculptures