Victoria Balva Glass Studio is a Toronto based creative art glass studio that specializes in custom site-specific glass design & fabrication through commission and collaboration to create contemporary art glass projects of sophisticated design and craftsmanship.

Architectural glass artist Victoria Balva in her glass studio in Toronto

Ukrainian born glass artist Victoria Balva is one of the leaders in architectural glass art who expands the horizonts of contemporary stained glass and promotes its many applications in architecture. The glass is her primary artistic forum with creative output to large-scale architectural commissions. Her stained glass, mosaics, paintings, glass sculptures can be found in both architectural setting and private collections throughout the world. 

We feel privileged to own a work by Victoria Balva because she is the best stained glass artist. To be touched by a great work of art, a work of art by Victoria Balva, on a daily basis is a magical experience. There's something mystical about looking at this work and you never get tired of it. You can stare at it again, as you had a thousand times before, and get a new, mystical emotion from it,.. and to me, that’s the definition of incredible art.