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New Haven, Connecticut

When we planned the construction of our home, we wanted it to be really special, and we were open to ideas for a great room. When we found Victoria's work, we said: “Aha! This is something special we were looking for.” But we didn’t realize how very magical it would turn out.  We commissioned Victoria to do this project and we had faith in her. We had faith in her ability to design something just incredible. As the months went by, we’d follow up with her, and it took a long time. We were a little concerned about how long it took, but when the skylight was installed, we realized why it took as long as it did: we were looking at the work of a true master. The time that it took for Victoria to build the skylight, turned into timelessness when it was installed. It is truly a magical art. Victoria's work has that ability to elicit a deep response from people, and when people come into this room and look up, they just wonder at the sight in front of them. And they’ll stand there for many minutes, with their mouths open just taking it all in. It really touches people. I'm absolutely convinced that Victoria Balva is the best stained glass artist in the world.  We feel privileged to own a work by Victoria Balva because she is the best stained glass artist. To be touched by a great work of art, a work of art by Victoria Balva, on a daily basis is a magical experience. There's something mystical about looking at this work and you never get tired of it. You can stare at it again, as you had a thousand times before, and get a new, mystical emotion from it,.. and to me, that’s the definition of incredible art. Victoria Balva’s work is for those that want the very best, she puts design, emotion, and the very important, intangible qualities into her work that lives on as long as the work survives. She has that magical touch, that you can't find in that many places.

MoonFlower, Los Angeles

Victoria Is an artist! She patiently communicated with us and made great suggestions on the design. It turned to be exactly what we wanted! It is simple, elegant and beautiful!!! The jewels added so much to the design. I could stare at the dome all day long just to admire it! Everybody how saw it loved it. Aside from creating amazing designs, Victoria's fees are very reasonable. If you have any dome needs I highly recommend Victoria Balva!!!
Contemporary stained and leaded glass dome skylight for a circular hallway of a luxury built house in Los Angeles
Mei liaNg
Los Angeles
I just wanted to share a note with anybody who is thinking of working with Victoria Balva and her team. I have been working with Victoria for 3 years and I’ve done several projects with her. She does a really good job. From the moment of the first meeting on the construction site and planning the design of the skylights to the final installation, Victoria tries to find an individual approach to every client. She listens to the client's needs and desires and helps to implement them in a piece of art in glass. Her recommendations on the designs were very helpful as you can’t imagine how your thoughts would look like in the final project. Victoria’s experience and artistic view really helped us in the construction and design processes. I enjoy her finished projects every time I see them. I will definitely work with Victoria Balva in the future and strongly recommend her to anyone looking for really great architectural glass projects.
Artistic Line Studio (now called Victoria Balva Glass Studio) caught my eye at the National Home Show. Victoria's work was unusual, creative and beautiful. Needing stained glass windows for my breakfast room, I asked for a consultation. Victoria came to my home to see where the new windows would be placed. She asked many questions to help her understand what I wanted from this project and offered several ideas. We met at her studio where she showed me the various types of glass available and helped me select colours and materials. She provided me with 3 design choices. All were terrific. A few weeks later the windows were installed and were beyond my expectations. Stunning works of art that bring me great joy every day. Victoria and her team are consummate professionals. Her pride in her work and attention to detail shows. The designs are all original and creative. Her choice of materials, exquisite. When I accidentally cracked one of the windows, it was repaired in a way that incorporated the repair into the design. As a client, I felt listened to and my ideas considered. Choose Victoria Balva Glass Studio and you will be looking at a beautiful functional piece of art for many years to come. Highly recommended!

Milky Way, Toronto

Having experienced the visual artistry of Victoria's design in our first house, we were elated with the finished design of the skylight in our second house. Victoria gets a feel of the house and our personalities before she undertakes her design process. The end result is a customized piece of ceiling art that is visually beautiful and multi-dimensional - her hand selected crystals create bouncing reflections that radiate off the walls. Victoria and Eugene are a pleasure to work with and we feel fortunate that she was available. Her designs elevate any home and provide continuous daily enjoyment.
Contemporary leaded glass skylight ceiling in a minimal design with clear textured and custom hand bevelled glass
Daphne & Hugh

Crystal Flake, Stratford

We recently purchased a heritage home and love the style and history that comes with such a property. However, these homes can bring challenges. Our challenge was finding a way to cover a round window at the front of the house so that we had sufficient privacy - all while respecting the architecture and era of the house. After some searching we found Victoria and immediately knew that her work was the perfect solution. It was a small project when compared to the other work that Victoria has done but she was willing to take it on and was completely professional with us through the entire process. She looked at pictures of our property and took time to walk us through options that she thought would suit our home. Based on what we saw we knew we were going to get something elegant and classic. But we could not have imagined just how beautiful and perfect this piece would be. Now that it is in place, we have a window that looks stunning from both the inside and outside. Privacy never looked so good! We feel so lucky that Victoria was willing to take on this small project because the impact was huge. We cannot say enough about her professionalism and talent
Contemporary leaded glass skylight ceiling in a minimal design with clear textured and custom hand bevelled glass
Glennys & Chris

Leaded glass dome, Maryland

We worked with Victoria on a residential remodel. We had a stair leading up to a beautiful third floor suite where you were walked straight up into the underside of an ugly skylight. We had a vision of what we wanted to do but not the knowledge of how to bring it into reality. Victoria did just that! She worked with us to develop a beautiful stained-glass piece of art that was easy for us to install and that our clients loved! We would recommend working with her firm and look forward to working with her in the future.
Contemporary leaded glass skylight ceiling in a minimal design with clear textured and custom hand bevelled glass
Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc
Victoria Balva designed and created a beautiful triptych of stained glass for my breakfast room. Her process began with a visit to my home so she could see where the stained glass would be hung and an interview so she got a good sense of my needs, my style and my preferred colours. She sent me 3 possible designs. I was then invited to her studio to see the materials she had chosen. I was most appreciative of her attentiveness to my wishes. What she then produced was beyond my expectations. 3 stunning stained glass panels. The installation was impeccable. When I chose to move across the country last year Victoria and Eugene crated my treasures. I see these works of art every day and love them as much now as I did 10 years ago. I would highly recommend Artistic Line Studio for their creativity, attention to detail, Thank Victoria and Eugene
Modern stained glass hanging panel with coloured glass nuggets and bevelled glass for a modern living room

Decorative glass ceiling, Toronto

Victoria Balva Glass Studio crew belongs to new generation of the stained glass artists. They learned this incredible tradition and found the ways to make their own. They are embracing the graphic of stained glass to create unique patterns and designs. Amazing work.
Contemporary leaded glass skylight ceiling in a minimal design with clear textured and custom hand bevelled glass
Vjm architectural design

Decorative glass wall divider, Etobicoke

I had the pleasure working with Victoria on one of my projects and she had proven to be professional, creative and above all - someone who thinks outside of the box! Great experience!
Contemporary abstract stained glass wall divider
Egoist design

Classically modern leaded glass doors

This is our second project with Artistic Line Studio. In this project, we wanted to replace dull builder doors and side windows in our house with a sophisticated and unique design. Artistic Line Studio owner listened to our wishes and then recommended a design that was much better than what we've imagined. She was able to align the design with the outside architecture of the house, internal style and proposed door finish. She explained why some of our ideas wouldn't work and we are very glad that we listed to her. She also made excellent recommendations for the door hardware to match the windows. Artistic Line Studio also had good co-ordination with the supplier who was manufacturing and installing the doors. This door supplier is a large 20+ yrs old company, and their people were very impressed with the windows. They said that they have not seen such beautiful design before.
leaded glass windows for the bathroom and staircase
We love the window Victoria did for us and everyone who saw it over the Christmas holidays commented on how beautiful it is. Judy is retiring in a couple of weeks and she says one of the nice things about being home be seeing the sun shining through the window in the daylight.

Aquamaris Art Gallery

I am compelled to send this message just to express how mesmerized I am by your exquisite works of art. I have never seen ANYTHING made in glass as beautiful as your creations. I am absolutely awestruck! Thank you for making the world so much more beautiful.