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About us

Victoria Balva Glass Studio is an innovative Toronto based architectural art glass studio established by Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko in 2001. The studio works through commission and collaboration to create architectural art glass projects of the highest artistic and technical quality. Studio’s team has an extensive background in a wide variety of art glass projects including large-scale stained and leaded glass domes and decorative glass skylightsglass muralswindows and doorswall and room dividers, mosaic murals for custom-built private, public and commercial architecture.

Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko are artistic partners with a passion for creativity who worked together for many years creating site-specific art glass projects. They truly believe in the transformative power of the design and its ability to elevate experiences, engage and inspire people. 

Victoria Balva / glass artist. Victoria Balva Glass Studio

Victoria Balva
glass artist

Victoria graduated from Kharkiv State Art College and studied Monumental and Public Art at the University of Industrial and Applied Arts in Ukraine. After she immigrated to Canada in 2000 she set up her architectural art glass studio in Toronto. With high standards of quality and execution, Victoria is in control of the entire design process. From meeting the client,  understanding their needs, to developing design concepts. Victoria is in charge of the entire project implementation. As an artist, Victoria's goal is to create art glass that organically interacts with architecture and interior applying the latest technologies and modern approach.

Eugene Bakumenko, team member of Victoria Balva Glass Studio

Eugene Bakumenko
Studio manager

With the degree in Civil Engineering, Eugene joined the studio and brought his expertise and technical talent in studio’s projects. All machinery maintenance, on-site measurements, metal production, installations and delivery planning are his area of expertise. Eugene likes thinking outside the box, he pushes the company toward the latest technologies applications in all areas of metal and glass production

Yurii Serhieiev, team member of Victoria Balva Glass Studio

Yurii Serhieiev
Master beveler

Master beveler Yurii Serhieiev has joined in 2016. Yurii is well known in glass community for his brilliant talent in cold worked glass and hand glass polishing and unique approach to glass beveling process.

Stained and leaded glass artist working on a large stained glass window

Dmytro Nikolenko
glass artist

After graduation from the college in Toronto Dmytro joined our team in 2016, learned and mastered the craft of stained glass art in our studio. His perfectionism and precision are valuable qualities for our work

Stained and leaded glass artist working on a large bevelled glass window

Victoria Filimonova
Glass Artist

Victoria graduated from art college in Ukraine where she studied the art of stained and leaded glass. With previous intensive experience in stained glass production, she brought to the studio high-quality performance

Michael Ivanov stained and leaded glass studio assistant

Machael Ivanov
Studio assistant

Michael is a valuable team member that contributes to Studio's daily routine. With his skillful hands and attention to detail, the projects are inspected and prepared for delivery and installation

Stained glass studio assistant

Anastasiia Besschstnova

Anastasiia joined our team recently in an effort to escape war in Ukraine. She cleans glass panels before installation and plays the most important role to deliver a perfectly cleaned glass to the client in its best condition.

Oksana Serhieiva
Studio assistant

It takes time to foil thousands of glass pieces and Oksana is responsible for this important part.

Decorative stained and leaded glass installation

Installation Team


  • design development
  • opening preparation consulting
  • decorative glass fabrication
  • kiln cast glass
  • bevelled & сold worked glass
  • waterjet cutting
  • crating and packaging
  • installation
We feel privileged to own a work by Victoria Balva because she is the best stained glass artist. To be touched by a great work of art, a work of art by Victoria Balva, on a daily basis is a magical experience. There's something mystical about looking at this work and you never get tired of it. You can stare at it again, as you had a thousand times before, and get a new, mystical emotion from it,.. and to me, that’s the definition of incredible art.
Contemporary design kiln cast art glass panel for a luxury custom-built modern house with clear glass and accent pink rocks