Modern art abstract stained glass window transoms

Geometric art of random lines

In 2007 we completed a large set of modern art abstract stained and leaded glass windows for a client in St. Catherine. Full size leaded glass sidelights for a front door, a bathroom oval window and 2 stained glass windows for bedrooms – all panels were developed in one modern geometric style with random artistic lines. The challenging task of this design was to overlay abstract irregular artistic lines over the regular pattern of existing grills of insulated units. The design was developed using clear textured architectural glasses with bevelled glass and crystal stained glass jewels as textured assents. Asymmetrical abstract thick lead lines are incorporated into regular pattern of the windows grills  

Project location: St. Catherines, Ontario

Materials: bevelled glass, clear textured clear glass, jewels, Duncan textured art glassSpectrum Granite and Chord glass

Techniques: leaded glass

Design: contemporarygeometric art line design