Residential stained and leaded glass dome


Classically inspired residential stained glass dome custom made for the double-height entrance foyer of a custom-built home in Vaughan.  Clear leaded glass dome installed under roof skylight illuminates the space in a beautiful way through an array of rich glass effects providing natural light. The decorative stained glass dome was featured in Builder/Architect Magazine in 2009

Large flat leaded glass skylight ceiling

Poplar Avenue

Large leaded glass skylight ceiling above a stairwell of a custom-built house in Toronto. The ceiling design inspired by the classical geometrical pattern of the Georgian era. The glass fabric is made of extra large crystal jewels and hand bevelled acid etched glass elements to add deep effects to the interior of the house. The skylight was featured by Builder / Architect Magazine in 2010

Ornamental stained and leaded glass dome


Decorative classically inspired ornamental stained glass dome custom made for the double-height entrance foyer of a custom-built house in Great Neck, New York.  Colored hand bevelled glass in combination with clear bevelled glass and clear textured glass create luxurious appearance of decorative glass dome providing natural light. The glass dome was featured in Our Homes Magazine in 2010 

Racetrack oval stained and leaded glass lay light

Rippleton Rd

Decorative racetrack oval stained and leaded glass lay light ceiling above a stairwell of a custom-built house in Toronto. Stained glass ceiling design inscribed into a complex steel frame structure. Classical geometrical patterns combined with the timeless elegance of acanthus leaves ornaments  

Decorative stained and leaded glass skylight ceiling

Hogg's Hollow Trinity

Decorative stained and leaded glass skylight ceiling above a stairwell of a custom-built house in Hogg’s Hollow, Toronto. The decorative ceiling design inspired by the simple classical geometric pattern of the Georgian era. 

Modern art abstract leaded glass sidelights

Geometric art of random lines

In 2007 we completed a large set of modern design stained and leaded glass windows for a client in St. Catherine. Full size leaded glass sidelights for a front door, a bathroom oval window and 2 stained glass windows for bedrooms – all panels were developed in one modern geometric style with random artistic lines. The challenging task of this design was to overlay abstract irregular artistic lines over the regular pattern of existing grills of insulated units. The design was developed using clear textured architectural glasses with bevelled glass and crystal stained glass jewels as textured assents. Asymmetrical abstract thick lead lines are incorporated into regular pattern of the windows grills  

Project location: St. Catherines, Ontario

Materials: bevelled glass, clear textured clear glass, jewels, Duncan textured art glassSpectrum Granite and Chord glass

Techniques: leaded glass

Design: contemporarygeometric art line design

contemporary stained glass octagon window


Contemporary stained glass octagon window hanging for a staircase landing of a custom built house in Royal York, Toronto. The shape of the panel mimics the octagon window shape and suspended in the opening if the clients decide to move to a different house . Bold bright colours, clear textured glass, glass nuggets create an impressive focal point for a small landing area adding privacy to high traffic area

Project location: Toronto, Ontario

Materials: textured clear glass, Duncan glue chip, glass nuggets and globes

Techniques: stained and copper foiled glass, insulated units

Design: contemporary

Modern fused art glass wall divider


Contemporary kiln-cast art glass in minimal design made of dramatic clear textured glass with pale lilac, pink and amber accent glass chanks. Even though the custom bilt house was designed in classic style, the panel was installed in a basement of the house that is used as a family retreat bringing contemporary aesthetics into classic interiors

Architectural and interior design: Makow Architects 
Construction: SKR Homes
Materials: clear textured glass, fused glass
Techniques: kiln-cast glass
Project location: Aurora, Ontario

Modern design fused art glass window

stream of 4 suspended abstract kiln-cast art glass panels for a stairwell landing of the modern custom built residence. The panels add so much needed privacy to a high traffic area of the house and artistic stunning highlight. The owners of the custom built house are passionate art collectors that added site-specific architectural art glass commission to trier fine art collection. Modern design fused art glass window set was featured in Our Homes Magazine in 2010

Project location: High Park, Toronto, Ontario

Materials: Fusible clear glass, colored glass rocks, steel cables, stainless steel hardware

Techniques: kiln-cast glass

Contemporary art line design for stained and leaded glass landing window


Modern art line design for the contemporary stained and leaded glass windows installed at the historical house in Richmond Hill. Simple minimal geometry, powerful art lines, textured clear art glass to add privacy to the high traffic areas and block and unpleasant view from the window

Project location: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Materials: bevelled glass, textured clear glass, jewels, Lamberts mouth blown glass Reamy, Tsunami clear glue chip

Techniques: leaded glass.

Design: contemporary, art line design