Los Angeles

Residential stained and leaded glass domed ceiling developed for a Connecticut-based client. The decorative glass ceiling is a crown jewel of the majestic double-height great room with a two-story library of a  custom-built residence. The decorative glass ceiling has a complex structure with burrel curved borders and a domed center. Custom hand bevelled accents made of delicately tinted glass with a gentle shift in colours create a rich texture in the glass fabric. Thousands of bevelled glass pieces and crystal jewels refract light creating impressive effects in the space. This stained and leaded glass dome ceiling is one of the largest and the most impressive projects created in our studio 

Contemporary stained and leaded glass skylight ceiling was designed for a modern custom-built home in Toronto. Double height atrium staircase crowned by a minimal design stained glass skylight. The art glass ceiling is reflected in glass railings of a staircase. When the sun hits the decorative glass ceiling the hallway walls are covered by prisms of dispersed light from stained glass crystal jewels. Stunning effects of glass light play. More images of the house can be found on the designer’s web page: Igor Vahotiv, Domus-Studio

Contemporary stained and leaded glass dome in simple geometric style provides gorgeous natural daylight and opens up the interior space below. The crystal jewels and bevelled glass flood the area with refracted light effects bringing the magic of art glass to everyday life. The large stained glass dome is installed above the double-height entrance foyer of a custom-built luxury house. This project was inspired by our decorative glass flat circular skylight that we completed for another client in Toronto