glass samples

Laminated dichroic beveled art glass

Laminated dichroic bevelled art glass  contains an endless Universe inside. With a slight movement the inner reflections and colours in polished glass edges change dramatically. Technologies used: UV laminating, dichroic glass, hand bevelled glass

Applications: stained and leaded glass doors, glass domes and skylights, glass artwork, glass sculptures

contemporary antique mirror

Contemporary antique mirror: copper and antique bronze abstract stains on silver mirror base. Innovative approach to glass design and fabrication

Application: Art wall decoration, partitions, wall dividers, decorative mirrors

Architectural art glass commissions with gilded glass

Complex curved bevelled glass

Curved hand beveled glass of intricate shape and glass design . A water jet machine allows cutting complex glass shapes from a thick glass for custom beveling 

Applications: stained and leaded glass doors, stained glass domes and skylights, glass artwork

Water jet glass cutting: complex shapes

Water jet glass cutting machine allows to cut glass of complex shapes repeatedly with high level of precision. Innovative approach to contemporary glass design and fabrication using CNC water jet machine

Applications: cooperative awards, art glass sculptures