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Classic oval leaded glass dome lay light

Classic leaded glass oval dome lay light custom-designed for the hallway of a custom-built house in King City. Beautiful plaster moldings and multi-level dome elevation inscribed into rectangular opening perfectly frame the decorative glass ceiling made of only clear textured art glass, beveled glass, pale bronze glass, and clear crystal jewels. The leaded glass oval dome design was inspired by the classical crystal cut glass pattern of the rosette element.

The decorative glass ceiling installed under roof skylight illuminates the space in a beautiful way through an array of rich glass effects providing natural light to the interior of the house. 

For the same client, we had a chance to complete contemporary kiln-cast art glass in a minimal design with pale lilac, pink, and amber accent glass chanks. The panel was installed in a basement of the house that is used as a family retreat bringing contemporary aesthetics into classic interiors