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Textured clear glass cast base with accent rocks

Textured clear cast glass on a clear cast base with small random air bubbles. Pale yellow glass chanks accents fused to the base 

  • Application: Art wall decoration, partitions, art glass sculptures

Clear cast glass with large random air bubbles. 

  • Application: countertops, art wall decoration, partitions, art glass sculptures

Delicate elusive colours of custom hand bevelled glass with a colour shift add deep effects into glass fabric

Architectural art glass commissions with coloured bevelled glass

Laminated textured kiln cast glass with a hand-polished glass edge. Laminating material: two-component epoxy resin

  • Applications: partitions, wall dividers, artworks, art glass sculptures

Architectural art glass commissions with laminated glass

Gilded gold leaf kiln cast bas relief in a contemporary abstract style.

Architectural art glass commissions with gilded glass