modern doors

Abstract modern stained glass front door

Crystal geometry

Modern stained glass front door with contemporary art glass inserts for the clients in Mississauga. The stained glass art door adds unique character to the house. Simple geometric design is enhanced by textured architectural art glass, massive sets of clear and coloured crystal jewels, bevelled glass. The colored accent highlights are located on the eye level of each family member

Project location: Mississauga, Ontario

Materials: clear bevelled glass, textured clear glass, jewels, Tsunami clear glue chip

Techniques: leaded glass

Design: contemporary, art line design

Modern art abstract leaded glass sidelights

Geometric art of random lines

In 2007 we completed a large set of modern design stained and leaded glass windows for a client in St. Catherine. Full size leaded glass sidelights for a front door, a bathroom oval window and 2 stained glass windows for bedrooms – all panels were developed in one modern geometric style with random artistic lines. The challenging task of this design was to overlay abstract irregular artistic lines over the regular pattern of existing grills of insulated units. The design was developed using clear textured architectural glasses with bevelled glass and crystal stained glass jewels as textured assents. Asymmetrical abstract thick lead lines are incorporated into regular pattern of the windows grills  

Project location: St. Catherines, Ontario

Materials: bevelled glass, clear textured clear glass, jewels, Duncan textured art glassSpectrum Granite and Chord glass

Techniques: leaded glass

Design: contemporarygeometric art line design

modern double door entrance system

On the edge of the line

Modern double door entrance system with transom window for a double -height foyer of a large residence in Vaughan, Ontario. The idea of the stained glass design was to let the art lines to run through large glass areas freely with some interaction between lines and art glass.  This stained glass design was further development of the idea to explore expressive line in stained glass design not only as a connector between lines but also as an independent graphic element 

Project location: Vaughan, Ontario

Materials: bevelled glass, clear textured glass, accent amber jewels, Duncan cold textured art glass

Techniques: leaded glass, insulated glass units

Design: contemporaryart line design

Stained leaded glass front entrance door system


Stained and leaded glass front entrance door system was designed in contemporary abstract style for a renovated historic residence in London, Ontario. The image depicts abstract  tree in bloom to symbolize the hope and expectations of a new prosperous life. 

The project was featured in the House and Home Magazine

Location: London, Ontario

Materials & techniques used: fused glass elements, clear textured glass, copper foil, stained and leaded glass

Stained leaded and fused glass front entrance window

The Waterfall

Stained and leaded glass window panel with fused kiln formed glass textured elements for the entrance hall of a custom built modern house in High Park area to add art, beauty and privacy to space. The Clients are passionate glass collectors that  commissioned the artwork to highlight a unique character of the house.

Location: TorontoOntario

Materials: Textured clear glass, kiln formed fused glass, Lamberts mouth blown glass, stained and leaded glass, copper foiled glass, stained glass

Techniques: kiln-cast glass, stained and leaded glass, mouth-blown glass

Modern design stained glass oval window set


Modern design stained and leaded glass oval window set and double door inserts for the front entrance foyer of a private house in Richmond Hill. The project was commissioned by a successful insurance broker working from a home office. The goal was to create the decorative front entrance glass system that Brightens the space, adds privacy and unique character to the house, so house would be easily recognizable to the visitors. 

Project Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Materials: colourful glass nuggets, bevelled glass, textured clear and coloured glass, Duncan cold textured Tsunami glass, Spectrum Baroque glass

Techniques: stained and leaded glass

Contemporary abstract entrance double front door inserts


This contemporary double entrance front door inserts with a transom window was one of my first independent commissions that I created for the client in Oakville back in 2003. As a young glass artist I was very lucky to meet a client with artistic background and cooperate on this project to reflect unique contemporary style of living of the family. At that time I was adored by colours and intricate linework of Curtis R Doll Jr. His clear stained and leaded glass windows with beautiful geometry and intricate linework inspired me to create this door set inserts paying close attention to linework.  Ever since I treat line not as a technical element to connect different pieces of glass but as a strong visual language to express and transform the interior space with light and glass. This project set a starting point for a large series of art glass in my portfolio

Additionally, for the same client we created a set of suspended stained and leaded art glass panels for the double height family room

Project location: Oakville, Ontario

Materials: bevelled glass, clear textured clear glass, golden pink jewels

Techniques: leaded glass, insulated glass units

Abstract stained glass door transom window

The geometry of stars

Contemporary abstract stained glass front door transom for an entrance hall of a custom-built home in Forest Hill, Toronto. Minimal design with clear textured art glasses and red stained glass jewels laminated to clear bevelled glass to accent decorative glass panel. This modern front door transom window was a part of a large commision to create stained glass art windows for the living space >>

Project location: Forest Hill, Toronto, Ontario

Materials: clear bevelled glass, textured clear glass, jewels, Lamberts mouth blown glass Reamy, Tsunami clear glue chip

Techniques: leaded glass, laminated glass.

Design: contemporary, art line design